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Black Bear Crane components are available from ½ ton through 100 tons in the three basic configurations: Top Running-channel construction-rated class “C”, Top Running Plate Box Construction-rated class “D” and Underhung channel construction- rated class “C”. These components are cataloged through 10 Ton (UH) or 60 Ton (TR) and spans through 60 feet, with all standard three phase voltages. Customized applications are welcomed.

Endtrucks & Component
Top Running Endtruck Under Running Endtruck
Top Running Selection Guide Under Hung Selection Guide
Complete Endtruck Selection Guide

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BLACK BEAR CORPORATION, the North American subsidiary of CHENG DAY MACHINERY WORKS, Co.LTD., which located in Fontana, CA USA.



Hand chain and Lever chain hoist, Electric and Manual trolleys, beam clamps, wire rope hoists and crane components Single and Double girder.

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